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why blogging is important?

people may thing blogging is waste of time, can’t achieve anything. is it true? no. from my personal experience i felt the same in the starting stage of my blogging. i didn’t get any response and readers. however, i didn’t give up. i was posting commands, links , and whatever my interest was. but in some stage, i start to get reply and comments. now i have started to get people’s ideas.

see what the big brains are saying about blogging and its benefits?

As many of my friends and colleagues will tell you, if you get me talking about the subject of blogs and blogging, I’ll get all evangelical and try to convince you to start your own blog!

What’s more – I’ll try and get you to start it within 7 days! (….starting is the hardest part of blogging. Those that start quickly usually figure out what to write and a writing style as they go along. Those that plan to “think about it” – never get started as it becomes overwhelming).

So why start a blog?

In the above clip, two of the sharpest business brains in the world, Seth Godin and Tom Peters, explain the huge value and importance of micro

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