I am Vignesh Murugan. I know some of you feel difficult to pronounce my name. Just call me Vicky otherwise.

I chose to study Aeronautical Engineering as i had a great interest in Engineering. Of course i still have now also. Aeronautical Engineering is a combination of multidisciplinary activity. For example, Designing and building an Aircraft not only requires a person from field of Aeronautical Engineer but also from all other field such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics. so Aeronautical Engineering curriculum covers general subjects in their first two years.

That was the time i got interested in Mechanical Engineering. In the last two years, i got  interest and exposure to designing of Aircraft parts. I joined private organization, apart from college learning, to learn designing. As i started to design Mechanical part of aircraft, my curiosity wasincreasing towards designing Mechanical parts also.

So, I have chosen to continue my career as a CAD/CAM engineer.






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