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what is RSVP?

RSVP= Response Requested In the context of social invitations RSVP or Rsvp (or either of these with a period inserted after each letter) is a request for a response from the invited person. It is an initialism derived from the French phrase répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “Please respond”.

10 Reasons to Have an Internet-Connected Computer in the Shop

Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m an unabashed supporter of the Internet.  It has radically changed how we access information in a relatively short time.  It touches every walk of life.  At our house, we seldom watch TV anymore.  There’s just too many ads.  If we watch programming at all, it is via a computer connected to … Continue reading

3D CAM Toolpath Fundamentals

3D CAM Toolpath Fundamentals.

The Secret Behind Senegal’s Pink Lake

The water in Senegal’s Lake Retba always seems to have a pinkish hue to it. However, catch it during the dry summer months when the saline levels are high and you will see it turn strawberry pink and sometimes, even red. The good news is that color is not the result of chemicals being dumped … Continue reading

Solidify brand building through offline meeting.

there’s no question that social media has changed the way we all communicate.  Be it Twitter or Facebook; Yammer or Reddit;  LinkedIn or Pinterest.  We are all using these tools on a daily basis to share information, learn something new, have a laugh, and most importantly, connect with others.  As we use social media to … Continue reading

Email etiquettes to know about.

Emailing. It has become our default communication used for almost everything. With that in mind, how influential are you in your emails? Do you consider the format or just write free-flow like in a verbal conversation? While many people think email saves time, if the email is not written properly, you can actually end up … Continue reading

You brand yourself even if you don’t try to brand yourself. Is it true?

If you’re searching for a job, your resume is your personal brand, like it or not. I’ve talked to candidates who have refused to brand themselves – They felt branding was for products, not people. While I can appreciate that candidates don’t like the idea of marketing themselves like a cheeseburger or insurance policy, you … Continue reading


ENSOC holds an annual careers expo to help engineering students get graduate and summer intern jobs. The purpose of the Expo is to assist student engineers in deciding career and study paths as well as enabling recruiting industries to display recruitment possibilities. Students can talk to companies to see what sort of engineers they employ … Continue reading

secure interview call by identifying blind ads?

How many times have you thought: “If only I could get to the hiring manager … ” Why says you can’t? One problem candidates face is when responding to a job ad from a recruiter. These ads rarely identify the employer … for a few reasons: Recruiters want to keep their competitors from stealing their … Continue reading


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