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You brand yourself even if you don’t try to brand yourself. Is it true?

If you’re searching for a job, your resume is your personal brand, like it or not. I’ve talked to candidates who have refused to brand themselves – They felt branding was for products, not people. While I can appreciate that candidates don’t like the idea of marketing themselves like a cheeseburger or insurance policy, you … Continue reading

cover letters are dead?

Fortune writer Denis Wilson was kind enough to quote me and review my research on cover letters in his recent article, “Are we killing off the cover letter?”. It’s a great discussion (I’ll publish excerpts below) of the pros and cons of cover letters. In the article, I gave a variety of reasons cover letters … Continue reading

Why You’re Not Called When You’re The “Perfect” Candidate

If you’ve ever been frustrated that you weren’t called (or emailed) when you were “perfect” for a job … there’s probably a reason you weren’t called. It’s likely the reason you weren’t called is because one or more major criteria weren’t on your resume. And if it’s not on your resume, it doesn’t exist. Most … Continue reading


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