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what is RSVP?

RSVP= Response Requested In the context of social invitations RSVP or Rsvp (or either of these with a period inserted after each letter) is a request for a response from the invited person. It is an initialism derived from the French phrase répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “Please respond”. Advertisements

10 Reasons to Have an Internet-Connected Computer in the Shop

Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m an unabashed supporter of the Internet.  It has radically changed how we access information in a relatively short time.  It touches every walk of life.  At our house, we seldom watch TV anymore.  There’s just too many ads.  If we watch programming at all, it is via a computer connected to … Continue reading

Solidify brand building through offline meeting.

there’s no question that social media has changed the way we all communicate.  Be it Twitter or Facebook; Yammer or Reddit;  LinkedIn or Pinterest.  We are all using these tools on a daily basis to share information, learn something new, have a laugh, and most importantly, connect with others.  As we use social media to … Continue reading

A Guide to Getting a Graduate/Vacation Job

A Guide to Getting a Graduate/Vacation Job   What is a graduate/vacation job? A graduate job is usually an entry level job you start in after you finish your university degree. Most of them don’t require you to have much related work experience and it’s a good place to start your career. You usually apply … Continue reading

These are powerful social media websites to achieve one’s personal brand. i swear that it takes lot of time to build one’s personal brand, and it needs lot of dedications. but once one’s start dedicate time daily, it is engaging. one’s can’t give up after that.

Tips for interviewers?

How to conduct a job interview Here’s your chance to get to know a potential employee and to gauge whether they would “fit” into your organisation. Have a plan and have questions prepared. 1. Make a short list of applicants There is little point interviewing everyone who applies; this will only put a strain on your time. … Continue reading

Facebook Jobs Could Kill LinkedIn’s Momentum

Facebook is apparently working on a job postings board that will launch later this summer, according to a report by the WSJ. “Facebook Jobs” will be an aggregator that pulls in job postings by third party providers and makes them available in one place and creates a searchable database of jobs for users to browse. … Continue reading

cover letters are dead?

Fortune writer Denis Wilson was kind enough to quote me and review my research on cover letters in his recent article, “Are we killing off the cover letter?”. It’s a great discussion (I’ll publish excerpts below) of the pros and cons of cover letters. In the article, I gave a variety of reasons cover letters … Continue reading

why blogging is important?

people may thing blogging is waste of time, can’t achieve anything. is it true? no. from my personal experience i felt the same in the starting stage of my blogging. i didn’t get any response and readers. however, i didn’t give up. i was posting commands, links , and whatever my interest was. but in … Continue reading

job search tips

Most executives didn’t start their careers after college as an executive. Well, unless you are Mark Zuckerberg or one of the other software industry giants. So that leaves a lot of you who rose to the top through hard work that achieved results, earning promotional steps to become an executive. Now you may be at … Continue reading


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