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10 Reasons to Have an Internet-Connected Computer in the Shop

Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m an unabashed supporter of the Internet.  It has radically changed how we access information in a relatively short time.  It touches every walk of life.  At our house, we seldom watch TV anymore.  There’s just too many ads.  If we watch programming at all, it is via a computer connected to … Continue reading

Facebook Jobs Could Kill LinkedIn’s Momentum

Facebook is apparently working on a job postings board that will launch later this summer, according to a report by the WSJ. “Facebook Jobs” will be an aggregator that pulls in job postings by third party providers and makes them available in one place and creates a searchable database of jobs for users to browse. … Continue reading

why blogging is important?

people may thing blogging is waste of time, can’t achieve anything. is it true? no. from my personal experience i felt the same in the starting stage of my blogging. i didn’t get any response and readers. however, i didn’t give up. i was posting commands, links , and whatever my interest was. but in … Continue reading

what is intellectual property?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are the intangible assets of a business. In the same way machine tools and stock are valuable assets so too are the intellectual property assets. The term Intellectual Property is an umbrella term covering different intellectual rights. These include patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, domain names and know-how. Some rights are … Continue reading


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